About BrickLayer DAO

About BrickLayer DAO

About BrickLayer DAO

This is how the story began

Nick and Denis, fresh from successful careers at Amazon, sought a unique investment opportunity. They explored blockchain but faced uncertainty in picking genuine projects. Real estate, their expertise, beckoned. However, traditional options offered low returns and minimal influence.

Nick's frustration with corporate hierarchies fueled their quest for a blended solution—a platform combining blockchain's speculative nature with REIT's stability, all while giving investors a voice.

Our founders have over 30 years’ experience in commercial real estate markets, specializing in the Industrial & Logistics sectors at Knight Frank, CBRE, JLL and most recently Amazon, serving as real estate leads for business operations across EMEA, APAC and NA territories.

Personally, transacting over $5 Billion in freehold and leasehold acquisitions at Amazon alone.
In addition, our Active Participants boast director level positions at CBRE New Zealand, Savills Australia, Knight Frank Singapore, and Colliers United Kingdom with a collective 50 years’ experience in investment brokerage, landlord leasing, VP disposals and tenant representation.

Nick delved into DAOs, decentralized environments where everyone's voice matters. After completing a cryptocurrency course at MIT, he left Amazon and founded Bricklayer. This real estate fund, powered by blockchain, adopted a decentralized strategy influenced by $BRICKS token holders. It offered a unique blend of speculation, hedged with one of the safest of asset classes.

Bricklayer now incorporated the UAE, bridging the real world asset investment with virtual asset growth. It's the embodiment of a 'Real Estate' DAO, where investors shape the future harnessing collective intelligence.

Empowering Occupiers and Redefining Real Estate

Bricklayer aspires to become the Robinhood of real estate, reshaping the traditional landlord-occupier dynamic. We're committed to increasing leasehold flexibility and reducing occupational costs, forging partnerships with occupiers to create a more equitable and flexible real estate ecosystem.

Bricklayer envisions itself as the premier global platform for real estate professionals and enthusiasts. Our web platform and mobile app empower members to earn significant commissions, market opportunities, and conduct peer-to-peer real estate transactions. We're driving the gig economy in real estate on a global scale.

Bricklayer is dedicated to advancing blockchain adoption within the real estate industry. We're on a mission to persuade vendors to embrace virtual assets as a valid form of exchange in real estate transactions, ushering in a new era of efficiency and transparency.

We designed the Bricklayer DAO System

To be transparent
and ballanced

If you don’t like to look at charts,

If you don’t like to look at charts,

providing an overview of the DAO Treasury

providing an overview of the DAO Treasury


Nick Prescott


Amazon, Knight Frank

Edward Prescott


IP Global, AES

Tyler Healy

AI Consultancy


Dr Jordan Parry

Blockchain Tech Advisor

Nethermind, ARM

Denis Leontievsky

Co-Founder Operations

Amazon, CBRE

Jorey Bernstein

Strategic Investor

Morgan Stanley

Illy Leontievsky

Chief Financial Officer


Mark Addison


Rocket Science

Melvin Visser


Social Sparrow

Chris TyreR

VA Consultancy

Barclays, Fidelity 

Andy Sih

Fund Operator


Dan Whitmore

Real Estate (APAC)

Knight Frank

Matthew Hopkins

Real Estate (APAC)


Paul Steele

Real Estate (APAC)


Peter Ainscough

Real Estate (EMEA)


James Boothroyd

RE Asset Management

Riverside Capital Partners

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Don’t miss out and join
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