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Bricklayer DAO

We are proud to present Bricklayer, the 'Real Estate' DAO. A truly unique project on the blockchain underpinned by the safest of asset classes.
This pioneering Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a trustless, diversified, commercial real estate and cryptocurrency 'digi-phizzy' platform. Under the DAO governance framework, BRICKS token holders have a democratic right to influence the direction of our real estate and cryptocurrency journey and decision-making strategy via collective intelligence protocol.
Our advanced voting mechanisms allow BRICKS token holders to influence Active Participant (AP) elections, portfolio growth, asset disposition and diversification proposals via ‘majority-rule’. The Bricklayer tokenomics have been designed to integrate social mining technology in order to enhance the staking rewards generated in the Brickworks. The DAO will also incorporate an on-chain avatar NFT program exclusively available to the Bricklayer community which directly benefits from a variety of rewards and privileges linked to the performance of the DAO Treasury.
This decentralized value proposition offers a high level of originality compared with traditional real estate investment structures. Bricklayer targets a minimum 51% weighting in Real Estate asset value and a maximum 49% weighting in the cryptocurrency pool, the intention is to mitigate the downsides of crypto-market volatility, promoting a fertile refinancing environment and BRICKS token appreciation.
Upcoming events:
- Official website launch
- Active Participant elections
- Genesis Asset Proposal
- Layer 1 Seed Funding

To become involved or receive more information, please leave us a note or join our social media below.

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